Sunday, November 21, 2010

Olivia Workshop on the Go

We had our club night tonight for the Olivia Workshop on the Go. It was a small group - we had an ice storm here in Minnesota today, and a couple of girls didn't make it here. I was also trying to include my sister-in-law in Memphis by using Skype, but I think I need a better laptop or a faster internet connection. I will have to work on that. Anyway, here are pictures of the layouts, girls, if you need this for reference. Call me if you have any questions on how to put these together.

This is the layout that was featured in the WOTG brochure. I am not sure my girls like the sanding, but I think it looks great.

This was our second layout. I used the Creative Team layout found in our Imagine book. I added a few extra embellishments, like the buttons threaded with hemp and the squares of leftover paper.

This is the first page of our third layout. I didn't put any embellishments, or a title, on this layout yet. I also found this layout in the Imagine book. It is called Understudy.

Here is page two from the third layout.

And here is both pages of the layout.

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