Friday, May 22, 2009

A Few Cards

Here are a couple of cards that I made. The top one was a birthday card for one of my friends. The middle one was the card I gave to my BFF with her book, and the bottom one I made for a boy in my son's Scout troop that had earned his Eagle rank.

Gift for Dance Teacher

I saw these coasters over on StampTV by Gina K. I thought they were so cute i had to order the stamp set and then I made a set of the coaster's for daughter's dance teacher. My coloring wasn't perfect, but hopefully that adds to the charm!! Now I'll have to find other cool stamps I can use to make more. If you want to see the video, here is the link:
Thank you card for dance teacher

Mother's Day Card

Here is the Mother's Day card my daughter made for me. She surprises me sometimes with her creativity.

Dance Layouts

I have been working on finishing my daughter's dance album. She is 12 and has been dancing since she was 3. She decided at the beginning of this year that this was going to be her last year for dance. She starts junior high next year and wants to focus on basketball. Here are some of the layouts I have gotten done recently:

I'm going to try to post a few thing that I had completed a while ago before we leave for our cabin for the weekend. I was at a SWARM, my third one, the last weekend in April. I had bought a BIA last summer and had never used it!! I think I was too afraid! Anyway, after going on a girls weekend in the with 2 of my friends, I decided I would make a little book for my BFF who had never gone on a girls weekend before!! Can you imagine, she was 38 years old and had never done that! If you knew her and knew what a socialite, party girl she is, you would never believe it. It was a pretty big book, so I won't post all of the pics, but here are a few.....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well, I knew I'd have a hard time keeping up with this blog, but this is ridiculous!! School will be out in about a month, so then I should have a little more time to try to keep up. I won't have to be a taxi-driver near as much over the summer!

I attended a Cricut SWARM, my third one, last weekend and had a blast! I have some LO's to share and I FINALLY finished my book that I made for my BFF Amy. Since it is opening of fishing this weekend, and hubby is an AVID fisherman, he will gone for 3 days, so I am working hard to get all of my housework done during the week so I can play this weekend! I have many things to download and share with you all. So stay tuned.....

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