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You do not have to add the hexagons exactly as I have shown.  Some people in class like this direction, but please feel free to add them however they look good to you!  Also, the red check paper on the right page was placed on top of the blue paper.  I based this layout on the one I saw HERE and just changed it to work with our papers this month.

For this layout, I placed the pages as shown above while assembling.  It was easier to match up the the pieces on each page.  When I put this layout in my album, I will do so in the photo below.  It looks less 'busy' to me this way, but you can use them however they appeal to you.

This layout is very easy to put together.  It will be easy to match everything up if you put the right side of the layout together first.  Then, you can match up the bottom of the yellow doily patterned paper on the left side with the right side to be sure everything is symmetrical.


 Layout #1 - there are three shape pieces not included with your kit because they were only included with the WOTG.  You could cut those shapes from regular paper if you like.  The same with Layout #2.

Layout #3-  The green photo mats are extra just to show you where the pictures go.  That paper is not in your kit.

 Layout #2



This is the March class - Ivy Lane.  I don't have any written instructions, but if you have questions, let me know.

JUNE CLASS - VICTORY (it was choose your own month - but this is the paper I used)

Since it was the last month of our scrapbooking club, I let everyone choose which paper pack they wanted to use.  I would provide the 'recipe' and they would substitute their own "ingredients"!  Here are the layouts I did using the Victory paper pack.  They are not fully embellished, but I will post new pictures once I have them completely finished.


In May, we did the Cruisin' paper packet.  I didn't get my layouts all the way embellished; partly because I wasn't sure exactly which pictures to use with the layout with the diamond paper.  I know I am using a bunch of pictures from go-carting on the racetrack layout, but have to decide yet how much to embellish the rest of it. 


The Footloose paper has turned out to be one of my favorites from the Spring/Summer Idea Book.  Here are the layouts we did in class in April. Again, not completely finished with my layouts, but enough for me to be able to teach class.  I just haven't found the right pictures to use with the other layouts.


We used the Superhero paper in March.  I think this was one of my least favorite papers in the beginning, but it worked well for the pictures that I used.


My goodness -- I am cetainly behind on getting things on here. I have a few months to catch up on. I should start back with October, but I am going to put February's on here first, since everyone is already done with October!

In February, we worked with the Stella papers. This is my absolute favorite paper from the new Idea Book. I made the two layouts from the Workshop on the Go, and then did the third layout from one of the idea books. Here are the pages we made (remember you can click on the pictures to get a better look:


Here are the pages we made in Januay using the Wonderland papers:


We used the Sonoma paper.  It was great for some older family pictures:

I think this is my favorite layout that I have ever made!  I just love it :)

Here are the pages we made in September's monthly class using the Mischief paper packet.

I have a monthly scrapbook class where we have been creating some awesome layouts!  It started out as a Workshop on the Go club, however, some of the girls have opted just to purchase the paper packs and embellishments and whatever else they want to reach their monthly minimum commitment.  It was hard to 'require' the ladies to purchase the WOTG when they didn't think they would use the stamp set that came with the kit again.

I am now going to change it even a little more.  I am starting a new club and hoping to have a total 8 ladies in one club.  If I am lucky enough to find more than 8 people that would like to do with, I will start another club.  Each person will commit to spending $20 per month for a period of 8 months.  You will need to buy the paper pack and any embellishments we would be using to make the layouts that month.  You certainly could buy the WOTG if you choose, or you could buy the paper pack, embellishments and anything else you might want to use with your layouts that month.  Then, we will meet once a month to put together 3 2-page layouts.  I will provide all of the instruction for you to complete those layouts. If you are unable to make it to our club meeting for a particular month, I will provide you with written instructions on how to make the layouts.  For one month during the club duration, each person will have the chance to be the 'hostess'.  As the hostess, you will receive at least $20 in free product.  You can obtain outside orders in order to bump the total up to the next level.  For example, the next level is $250 so if the sales for that month reach $250 or more, the hostess would receive $40 in free product and one 1/2 price item.  If you are interested in joining my monthly club, please e-mail and I will get you all set up.

I will also post the pictures of the layouts we make here so in case we don't finish them; or if you weren't able to make it, you can refer back to this page as a guide.


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