Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Sweet Valentines!!

So the story of my life is that I am late for everything!!!! Here are pictures of what I made for my loved ones on Valentines Day.

This was for my 16 yo son who loves chocolate and gum!! I think he didn't even noticed how it was packaged as long as he got to the chocolate!!

(OK use your imagination here!! I know I uploaded the pictures, but they aren't there -- and I already deleted them from my camera. I'd take them again, but the cover to the mailbox is already missing!!)

This was for my 12 yo daughter, who loves candy, period!! She did give it up for lent, so I didn't put so much in her mailbox. Many hears ago, I started the tradition of giving her a stuffed frog on Valentine's Day. I think she looks forward to seeing what kind of frog I can find each year more than what 'treats' she is getting..... I forgot to take a picture of the frog, though.

And this is the card I made for my hubby. Of course I finished all of these right before dinner that night when I handed them out. Someday I will learn how to get things done sooner so it isn't so stressful!!

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