Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was going to try so hard to keep my blog up-to-date. This past week or so have been absolutely crazy! We got new computers at work, and along with that came the new Word 2007, which totally HATE!!! One of the features of Word that was a HUGE part of how we do things, is not the same in Word 07 so we have to figure out how to do things differently. So that has taken a lot of time just even trying to do simple things because it is so different. Then, I was out of town all weekend for my 25 year class reunion!! I can't believe it has been that long since I graduated high school. It sure doesn't seem like I am that old!! I also became a CTMH demonstrator in July, and I have been trying to figure things out and also figure out how much I want to/am able to put into that. Right now I am off to work, but I am going to try really hard to update with a project tonight. I made a cute coupon holder that I would like to share with everyone.

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