Tuesday, August 3, 2010

$2, $4, $6 for 8, It's YOU We Appreciate!!

In honor of our wonderful customers, Close To My Heart and I want to show our appreciation. So for 8 days only, there is going to be a BLOW OUT sale on my website for select Stickease Stickers ($2), Level One Paper Packs ($4) and Level Two Paper Packs ($6). This sale will start on August 4, 9am MST (11am Central) and will run through midnight (MST) on August 11.

The items in this sale will all be 'while supplies last' so make sure to order your favorites early for best selection. This is a great bargain and a great way to stock up on your favorites. Also, most of these items will be retired at the end of the year, so now is definitely the time to stock up.

You can only get these great deals from my website. Because this is such a great sale, sometimes CTMH servers will get bogged down due to the high traffic. One way to avoid some of this is to set up an account on my website ahead of time, if you haven't already done so. This will help when you check out. I have included a list of the items that will be on sale at the bottom of this message. Another time-saver may be to make your wish list ahead of time. Many of these items will sell out quickly, so be sure to order as early as you can.

Any purchase you make will also go toward our adorable Stamp of the Month "Something Splendid". You can also order all regular priced items at the same time so this is the time to stock up online and save big.

Vintage Travel Level 1 X7045A , Stickease X7045C

Discovery Level 1 X7056A

Heirloom Level 1 X7060A, Level 2 X7060B

Floral Impressions Level 1 X7061A,Level 2 X7061B, Stickease X7061B

Laid Back Level 1

Just Chillin Level 1 X7069A ,Stickease X7069C

Simple Pleasure Level 1 X7070A Level 2 X7070B, Stickease X7070C

Best Friends Forever Level 1 X7071A

School Zone Level 1 X7072A, Stickease X7072C

Abundance Level 1 X7073A, Level 2 X7073B, Stickease X7073C

More To Adore Level 1 X7075A, Level 2 X7075B, Stickease X7075C

Sonata Level 1 X7076A,Stickease X7076C

Sweet Harmony Stickease X7077C

Cutie Pie Level 1 X7078A, Stickease X7078C

Rough n Tumble Level 2 X7079B, Stickease X7079C

Route 66 Level 1 X7080A, Stickease X7080C

Majestic Blue Level 1 X7081A,Level 2 X7081B, Stickease X7081C

Expedition Level 1 X7082A, Stickease X7082C

Let's Get Together Level 1 X7083A

Floral Tapestry Level 1X7084A

Everlasting Level 1 X7085A,Level 2 X7085B, Stickease X7085C

Caprice Level 1 X7086A, Level 2 X7086B, Stickease X7086b

Enchanted Level 1 X7087A, Level 2 X7087B, Stickease X7087C

Free Spirit Level 1 X7088A, Level 2 X7088B, Stickease X7088C

Lifes Delights Level 1 X7089A, Stickease X7089C

Silhouette Level 1 X7090A, Level 2 X7090B, Stickease X7090C

it’s a Guy Thing Level 1 X7091A, Level 2 X7091B, Stickease X7091C

Good Times Level 1 X7092A, Level 2 X7092B, Stickease X7092C

Sweet Pea Level 1 X7093A, Stickease X7093C

Paper Garden Level 1 X7094A, Stickease X7094C

Boom-Di-Ada Level 1 7095A, Level 2 X7095B, Stickease X7095C

Blue Ribbon Level 1 X7096A, Level 2 X7096B, Stickease X7096C

Game On Level X7097A , Level 2 X7097B, Stickease X7097C

Sarsaparilla Level 1 X7098A , Level 2 X7098B, Stickease X7098C

Perfect Day Level 1 X7100A, Level 2 X7100B, Stickease X7100C

Magic Moments Level 1 X7101A, Level 2 X7101B, Stickease X7101C

Notebook Level 1 X7102A, Level 2 X7102B, Stickease X7102C

Aspen Level 1 X7103A, Level 2 X7103B, Stickease X7103C

Evensong Level 1 X7104A, Level 2 X7104B, Stickease X7104C

Emporium Level 1 X7105A, Level 2 X7105B, Stickease X7105C

Unforgettable Level 1 X7106A, Level 2 X7106B, Stickease X7106C

That’s Amore Level 1 X7107A, Level 2 X7107B, Stickease X7107C

Daydream Level 1 X7108A, Level 2 X7108B, Stickease X7108C

Stardust Level 1 X7109A, Level 2 X7109B, Stickease X7109C

Back Country Level 1 X7110A, Level 2 X7110B, Stickease X7110C

Moon Doggie Level 1 X7111A, Level 2 X7111B, Stickease X7111C

Animal Cookies Level 1 X7112A, Level 2 X7112B, Stickease X7112C

Tinkerin Level 1 X7113A, Level 2 X7113B, Stickease X7113C

Bella Level 1 X7114A, Level 2 X7114B, Stickease X7114C

Jingle Level 2 X7115B, Level 2 X7115B, Stickease X7115C

Sweet Home Level 2 X7116A, Level 2 X7116B, Stickease X7116C

Grace Level 1 X7117A, Level 2 X7117B, Stickease X7116C

Twitterpated Level 1 X7118A, Level 2 X7118B, Stickease X7118C

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