Thursday, November 5, 2009


This post goes out to anyone that has been following my blog or that has looked at my blog within the last couple of months. I have not been posting anything on a regular basis and I apologize. Life has had a way of getting in the way for me.

In July, I decided to become a consultant for Close to my Heart. I was drawn in by their wonderful acrylic stamps, and have now become a huge fan of all of their products. I only just recently started to get my 'business' moving along. I needed to decide how much time I wanted to, and was physically able to, put into this. I think I have figured this all out now, so I can move forward.

Right now I am off to work out at the gym (that is another area of my life I kind of let slip this summer, and SERIOUSLY need to get back in the routine of doing), and then after dinner I will be updating my blog with some great deals from CTMH for the month of November. I will also be posting some projects I have done. Hopefully the next time you check my blog, you will be impressed with what you see!

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  1. No worries, we all know life come first. Hope you are having fun being a CTMH consultant


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